Apple Wins Patent Skirmish Against Google

Crazy to think that right as I put the finishing touches on some text, news broke through on my iPhone Apple v. Samsung verdict is in: $1 billion loss for Samsung. I wasn’t expecting this to go to Apple, and that’s a hefty amount for any company to have to pay. It’s pretty harsh for Google.

This is a ‘thermo-nuclear war’ that Steve Jobs vowed to conduct shortly before his death. Patent wars are nasty business. Huge day for Apple. Bad day for Google. Google owns Motorola, and just made their first tablet with ASUS (I bought one). What manufacturer in their right mind would make a product based-around Android now? I’m sure there will still be many who do. There is always taking the Kindle/Nook approach, leaving Android mostly out of the device so it runs purely with your own brand.