Ironic: The Interview

With all the International intrigue about the new film ‘The Interview’ that was meant to be released tomorrow, the picture was nearly canceled altogether. Sony got hacked, probably by North Korea, threats were made and contents of Sony email was released. The ironic thing is, the film might otherwise have gone largely unnoticed in the grand scheme of things and now it could become a future cult favorite in the West. Something that can probably be tracked in Google Trends.

From Dev Bootcamp to Tribune Publishing

It was a busy year. It began after accepting contract work that called for developing a Rails application that I wrote while finishing up Dev Bootcamp. I was working other contract work already throughout my time at DBC, which is something I regret but it couldn’t be helped. All the contract work led to more that really culminated in my job at Tribune Publishing this past April. Although I haven’t been able to contribute much code while at Tribune, I have finally managed to collect my career together the way I want: Involvement in digital marketing and developing great websites and apps as Director.