Eclipse With Karel The Robot

Bethany Hamilton, survived a shark attack and returned to professional surfing.Last week I decided I would apply myself to revisit being a software engineer more than focus on a career in SEO. I already had a career in SEO and the experience left me with the knowledge as part of my DNA. I am keenly aware how important developers who know about SEO are, and how mixed their skills are. At least with me, I can be confident the SEO instruction set is as simple for me as playing with Legos.

For building more complex systems, I’ve dabbled in SSI and created my own CMS systems, relying only on WordPress for learning how to code custom plugins and themes for SEO clients. I am much more interested in new frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap with Ruby on Rails for my own sites moving forward, and as the backbone of how Sidecar 2.0 works. Search Return is going to be a house that is built with Gems.

In anticipation that I jump in on a summer of code, I’ve needed to install Eclipse.

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