Responsive WordPress Themes

Update: WordPress default themes are now responsive too.

A number of nice Responsive WordPress Themes are coming out. Running several experimental sites I get to test across some of the better looking ones. Not all free ones are ready for primetime and they also might come with link payloads, so lookout. I have only tried a handful of paid ones and there aren’t that many paid ones out now anyway. That will change.

A nice paid one launched today called Appetizer. Appetizer is mainly targeted at restaurants but you can tune to anything you like if you’re handy with hacking on WordPress. If you would prefer to start from scratch, try the free bootstrap theme. I’m checking out Bootstrap version 2.3 and it’s good, if you don’t mind commercial messages in the admin area.

I don’t like this so much and will torch it for my own framework. One of the problems of historical WordPress blogs are the plugins and themes from the past that may contain bits your client is tied to commercially or emotionally. That means finding a viable alternative or replacement that can retrofit content for a purpose in the upgrade. One particularly nasty thing can be a haphazard multi-site installation for a client who was sold on it for no good reason. Look for something I might write up on that.

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