Initializer Responsive HTML5 SEO

It has never been a greater time to be in SEO with developer skills. WordPress has dominated the last several years as the world’s publishing tool of choice. This has led to the prevalence of blogs, with Google-owned Blogger contributing to this, alongside bona-fide CMS software such as Drupal, Joomla and more that have blog widgets. The last year has ushered in a quiet revolution in Adaptive and now Responsive Web design, which is what is so encouraging to me.

There are templates, themes and mobile plugins that are going to help transform a website into something that is mobile friendly. Alternatively, few SEOs that I read are talking about how exciting frameworks are, and how they have entered the fray and given us cause to rethink such reliance on WordPress alone. Certainly, WordPress when used for blogging is the way to go, especially if you create a child of a responsive theme, then you are golden. That is what this blog is. But wait, there’s more.

Literally starting odd with a HTML5 index document, Initializr allows you to choose responsive with Twitter Bootstrap for real mobile adherence to standard and the benefits of SEO built straight in by its basic nature. Other content generation tools, such as Adobe, utilize the framework in their software for building websites. It’s smart. Basically what you get is jQuery, CSS3 with media queries for Responsive design, mobile-ready Twitter design layout by default with HTML5 SEO. Check it out.

Sometimes on a Saturday

Sometimes on a Saturday I seem to be able to get things done with code that I can’t do during any time during the work week. When I used to work at big agencies, my weekends were pretty sacred which allowed me to recharge the batteries for managing my department. If I imagine myself still doing agency work, outside my own Search Return agency of course, then I think the advances made in mobile computing alongside social media has given anyone the ability to work 24/7. And that includes Saturday.

Thinking back on some Saturdays I think some of my best innovative ideas came out of Saturday dabbling in code. Rather than feeling boxed in by the cubicle in my corner office I get the freedom that the iPad can bring, or the mental space to dig deeper than when being intruded upon by employees. Saturdays now provide me that same freedom of space even when I’m not working at an agency. That is because if I have client work to do, I can’t be expected to accomplish it on my weekend unless it’s an emergency issue.

The last few weeks there have been some moderate emergency issues to deal with. Cleaning up after when people make a technical wreck of things can be lucrative work when the sham industry tap doesn’t stop flowing. This is the year I plan to get back to industriousness after taking somewhat of a break. I am writing more frequently and that takes time. I am coding and tinkering with Mobile Sidecar applications, preparing for our SEO future. Everyone knows the future of content and a few know the future of tech.

I love my Saturdays. The work-week pressure is on hold and I can get my creative thinking going again. I’ve spent the last few years thinking about my transition physically, now my thoughts have returned to thinking about my transition from SEO tech to social optimization tech. There are new plugins, platforms and protocols which all affect our rankings. Personalization in search prepared with its DNA the era of social search, where Google and Bing are bringing it. You’ll see Facebook matches in Bing and +Plus matches in Google.

One thing that intrigues me which goes beyond social search is what’s possible around the corner. While we optimize our social graph and content with posts and Tweets, Twitter Discover and Yahoo!’s Marissa Mayer are giving us an indication of a future with push content again. Twitter Discover and Marissa Mayer’s Interest Graph description from World Economic Forum reminds me of the Pointcast service. That was such a long time ago, yet prophetic of the future. Much like LinkedIn, which started around the same time, long before Facebook. Sometimes on a Saturday I think wider in scope to peer around the corner.