Good Things That Fail

There are many launches that deserve to take off without incident but suffer from epic fail. The phenomenon seems to be worse in our digital world, as consolidation and patent suits limit or squander innovative ideas. The notion of the ‘four horsemen’ in tech as cited by Eric Schmidt are Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. In the case of what happened today, Felix the space man from Austria was planning to jump from the edge of space and reach super-sonic speeds in a specially designed suit to break records, capture attention and important data for the physical sciences. Too bad gusty winds cancelled the jump. Better safe than sorry. Postscript: He eventually made the leap!

While this failure to launch won’t console you or me when we start something that we think will take off for the pure genius of it, that doesn’t mean you can’t withdraw and survive to fight another day. Even when you are on the brink of going flat broke, there are ways to claw your way back in. Remember to create something great and try and try again until it goes. Being persistent is a trait of successful personalities. Sometimes you have to turn back to the things you love to find your solace in order to see what is right in front of you.

These thoughts are going through my mind a lot these days as I am writing some of my best material, and working with a developer to create an innovative crawler that most people, when they hear about it, have no idea what makes it so outstanding. I think sometimes I am viewed as a total madcap. It’s my vision and a passion for seeing things that are as yet intangible that scare people. The way I’m going to tackle the problem this time is through demonstration (again and again). The original prototype that is Mobile Sidecar is a toy compared with Mobile Sidecar 2.0 that is due for release soon. It’s operational on my laptop in developer mode. It’s very different, and very exciting. At least it is to me.