A Content Queen Comes Alive

There is no question that when it comes to online content, Heather Lloyd is search engine marketing’s SEO Copywriting content queen. Heather and I have a unique relationship. I worked alongside her and learned a lot. We traded great content knowledge for solid SEO tech know-how. I got the better end of the deal. I get to use the things I learned from her now.

I learned neat things watching Heather at work. How she went about getting to work and benefit from the simple act of writing content. When I first came to know Heather, she worked over a dial-up modem, writing her pieces then sending them to the Rank Write newsletter that she was a part of. I know she got herself motivated at that time by way of a work habit. I picture her that way still, with Corky and cat, in a house among the tall woods of Sudden Valley.

Living there was like losing oneself in the forest by day, to have the night descend among the trees, quickly in late afternoon. Though the wood had its hidden creature benefits, soon enough our broadband connection to the outside world opened up a whole new life. That, and a T-Mobile Starbucks Hotspot fell right into place for Heather. I know she still writes from Starbucks in Portland.

In Bellingham, I played a role in support of her writing her first book, purely focused on copywriting for search engines. We innovated things together back then. She had me contributing resources she could turn to, the website, the network, and our broadband. I discovered Blogger. Hey, it was new back in 2002! I figured Google would grow to love blogs. I was right about that, wrong about which platform. Now I’m writing on it.

With SEO2Go in 2002, we were way too early, by several years. There were other search engines to write for, and after about a year of posting (mostly Heather posting), Heather’s focus on the book and our writing for clients took attention away from me blogging until much later. I was more keen about code. She published her book, and things took off. She’s blogging again, as am I. it’s very different for us today, with her in Portland and my sweet home Chicago.